Article XIII.Language

(1) The official language of IPA is English. 

(2) The IPA web site is the official medium for communication of information about IPA activities to Members and to the world community of palaeontologists. 

(a) The Executive Committee has authority to determine the site and contents of the web site and to appoint or hire a web master. 

(3) The Executive Committee of IPA, with concurrence of the Council, may designate one or more international palaeontological journals (print or electronic) as formal publication outlets. 

(a) The publishers of IPA journals are required and authorized to collect IPA dues annually on behalf of Subscribing Members. 

(b) The IPA journals will publish announcements and news articles submitted by the Executive Committee concerning IPA activities. 

(4) The Directory of Palaeontologists of the World, the Directory of Fossil Collections of the World, PaleoLink, and such other directories as the Association may prepare will be in electronic form and maintained and presented on the Association's web site. 

(a) All IPA Members and Officers and all palaeontologists are urged strongly to enter their information into the World Directory of Paleontologists and revise it as necessary to keep it up to date.

(5) The permanent repository for IPA records is the Smithsonian Institution Archives.

(a) The Executive Committee is responsible for depositing these materials, according to procedures specified by the Smithsonian Institution Archivist.