Russia celebrated the National Fossil Day on October 22th 2017

October 22 in the Museum of Nature and Man held an action timed to the International Day of Fossils. The event was attended by more than 300 people, mainly children of junior and middle school age. The children and their parents had an opportunity to visit two excursions: the paleontological repository where they saw objects not exhibited in permanent exposition and walk along the corridors and hallways of the museum, the walls of which are themselves an exhibition of paleontological exhibits, because they are lined with limestone - shell rock where you can see numerous shells of mollusks and single specimens of corals, scales of fish and bones of vertebrates.

In the paleontological hall of the museum, visitors touched the exhibits from the interactive collection - shells of various mollusks, corals, sponges, trilobite shells and sea urchins, bones and teeth of ichthyosaurs, dinosaurs and mammals of mammoth fauna. The age of fauna is from 450 million years up to 10 thousand years. Here they could try themselves in the role of paleontologist and determine the skulls of modern mammals and the bones of Pleistocene mammoths, collected last year from the expedition to Oktyabrsky district by the museum staff. Very popular was the master class where the visitors could produce the gypsum magnets on paleontological subjects. Children, and adults, with pleasure molded and painted shells of ammonites and other fossils, which now decorate their homes. The smallest participants could   colorings the reconstructions of landscapes of different periods and determine the types of ancient animals. If the guys drew a similar picture themselves, they were given a prize - a small piece of real bone woolly mammoth!