Article III.Membership

(1) IPA accepts as members any individual palaeontologist or corporate body that subscribes to its aim. 

(2) Individual Membership.?There are two classes of individual membership: 

(a) Subscribing Members are individuals who subscribe to an international palaeontological journal affiliated with IPA.?A portion of the subscription is designated for dues to IPA. 

(b) Ordinary Members pay dues directly to IPA. 

(3) Corporate Membership is open to national, regional, and disciplinary palaeontological societies and sections of societies; as well as to other scientific societies, agencies, institutions, organizations, working groups, and informal associations that support the aim of IPA.?Corporate Members pay annual dues to IPA. 

(4) The terms, dues, responsibilities and privileges of all categories of membership shall be reviewed from time to time by the Executive Committee and laid down in the By-Laws.