France celebrate the IFD in 2018

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On October 6th, a day of lectures on the history of paleontology under the general title "Men and Fossils" was organized for IFD in Anse, a village near Lyon, by a local association (Association Geo-Paleo). Dr. Eric Buffetaut gave a talk about "Fossils and Popular Beliefs". The next day, a visit to a nearby quarry yielding abundant Jurassic marine fossils was organised.

On October 13th, IFD was celebrated in Cruzy, a village in southern France, by the local council and a local cultural, archeological and paleontological association (ACAP). It included visits of the association's museum a preparation lab, activities for kids (casting fossils and making dinosaur cardboard masks), an exhibition of paleontological books and magazines including a discussion with publishers, a lecture on the Late Cretaceous dinosaurs of southern France by Yves Dutour (Natural History Museum, Aix-en-Provence) and an exhibition on the dinosaurs of southern France (which lasted for two weeks).