Article VII.Executive Committee

(1) The Executive Committee shall consist of three Officers as follows:?President, Secretary-General, and Treasurer. 

(2) The term of office of the Executive Committee is from the end of one meeting of the Ordinary General Assembly until the end of the next meeting. 

(3) The Executive Committee shall conduct the daily business of the Council, communicating by post, in meeting, or by electronic media. 

(4) On substantive matters of policy, the Executive Committee shall consult with the Council. ?

(5) Decisions of the Executive Committee shall be made by simple majority. 

(6) The Executive Committee shall prepare the Annual Report summarizing IPA activities for the year.

(7) The Secretary-General shall submit the Annual Report to IUGS, IUBS, and the IPA Council and publish it on the IPA web site. 

(8) A record of decisions and transactions shall be kept for the IPA Archives.