The First Circular of IPC5 is released

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The IPC is organized every four years under the auspices of the International Palaeontolo­gical Association ( After Sydney (Australia) in 2002, Beijing (China) in 2006, London (United Kingdom) in 2010 and Mendoza (Argentina) in 2014, it will convene in Paris (France) in 2018.

Under the auspices of the International Palaeontological Association (IPA) and with the participation of the whole French Palaeontological community, “the Fossil week” will be organized in 2018 in Paris, July 9th-13th.

This event is a unique opportunity for our community to present its new results and discuss all aspects of our discipline. Some possible symposia and sessions are listed provisionally and it is still completely open for further proposals.

Fieldtrips are planned before and after the congress throughout France, Belgium and Italy. They will give you the opportunity to discover our palaeontological, geological and gastronomic heritages. The First Circular of the IPC5 Paris is now available: (First-Circular-of-IPC5.pdf)